10 Important things Every Great Website Should Have.

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10 Important things to do for great website.

For an Online Business, your website is your store, when you go for offline purchase anything or to take any services you mostly focus on how the store or office is designed the same thing happen with an online store which calls Website it should look very neat and clean.

Your website should be Visitors friendly because your website creates trust and credibility, attracts attention, which websites don’t adhere to basic quality guidelines would only drive their valuable visitors away.

So, it’s become very important to design your website carefully. To get high traffic.

Here are 10 Important things every great website should have.

1. Great Title – The first thing when any visitors come to your website they see your title of the website, The Title is the information that is displayed at the top of the page and inform visitors what webpage all about.

2. The layout of your website – A great designed website is sure to be a winner! The choice of Font, colour, Images, layout, Background must be attractive, user-friendly and complement each other. Your website is your Brand it should be perfect in all way.

3. Content is key – Just think why do you visit any website or blog site just for getting information or buy something but what happen when you don’t get relevant information, probably you will leave that site and will never visit again, it may happen with your website too so try to deliver great content because “Content is Key”. Try to use relevant content to your website, check spelling and grammar errors, great graphics, videos, screenshots etc. all this thing will add value to your website.

4. Better Navigation – You land somewhere but you don’t know now where to go you don’t have any better direction you are completely confused and get frustrated equivalently happen with your website, now it’s your role to ensure that the users know where they are, where they have been and they should go. Designing a great navigation structure is one of the prominent aspects of building and designing your website.

5. Social media Icons – it is ideal to have social media icons on your website it helps in sending message to your visitors that you care about your presence on social media platform of your website, social media helps you to build your brand and your brand visibility, it is estimated that by Apr 2019 there will be around 2.77 billion social networks so it shows that there will be a lot of opportunity for promoting your brand on social platforms, it also build credibility to your visitors.so set an attracting social media icon your website.

6. Length of your page – The length of your website should be short and brief if your page is too long visitor might lose interest in your website. But there should be a Header and Footer with navigation keys which will direct your visitors.

7. Contact Details – provide your complete details so that your visitors can reach to you with their query, it will create high lever trust amongst your visitors. It also shows that this website is genuine not a scam. You can also get valuable feedback from your visitors as well that will help you to develop great content and services.

8. SEO Practice – Optimization of your website is the prominent practice you should do on regular basis, it will not just help you to develop great content but also generate traffic to your site with higher search engine ranking, remember SEO can break or make you.


Below are some Important SEO practices you should do on regular basis.

a) Appealing Headline.
b) Proper Meta title, Meta Description, & Hyperlink Slug.
c) Internal linking and Outbound linking.
d) Image optimization.
e) Body Content.
f) Keyword density.
g) Header Tag.
h) Generating Backlinks.
i) Avoid black-hat SEO.

9. Cross Browser Compatibility – people use multiple browsers some use Chrome, some use Opera some others browser, so it’s become important to design your website in a way that it is compatible with all major browsers, it will help you to get high potential traffic to your website.

10. FAQ List – people have a lot of question about your Brand or Business they also want to know about terms and conditions so it’s better to gather up the most frequently asked questions into a list and offer clear concise answer, questions mostly revolve around Company history, Cancelations and return policies, shipping information, term and conditions, materials and ingredients Etc.

So above are some important practice you should do for a great website. There are several points may missing if you want to add, I would love to hear your comment below.

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